Business Administration Specialist

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 5 Continuing EducationForm of Studynon-stationary session study or workplace-based learningPrerequisiteSecondary educationDuration2 years

Who is a business administration specialist and what can they do?

A business administration specialist is involved in a company’s management activities, fulfilling tasks that require economic and entrepreneurial competence either as a frontline manager or as a specialist. Their primary duties depend on the company's field of operation and needs, such as organizing activities and resource usage, planning and implementing marketing activities, managing sales operations, financial accounting, and more.

How can one become a business administration specialist?

Form of study: non-stationary session study or workplace-based learning, one day per week.

Duration of study: 2 years.

Volume of company internship: 30 ECTS credits (approximately 780 astronomical hours).

Prerequisite for starting: secondary education.

Upon completion of the curriculum, a level 5 professional exam for business management specialists is taken.

What is learned?

Students learn to manage sales, marketing, production, procurement, and purchasing operations. Additionally, they study management and financial accounting, along with elective subjects.

Previous work experience and studies can be recognized through the Accreditation of Prior Learning and Work Experience (APL) system.

What comes next?

After graduation, there are opportunities to apply for jobs in the labor market that require business management competence, such as business management specialist, sales representative, marketing specialist, purchasing specialist, sales agent, product presenter, and purchasing manager.


Viibeke Turba