Junior IT systems specialist

Type of EducationForm of StudyPrerequisiteDuration
Type of EducationLevel 4 vocational secondary educationForm of StudyFull-time school-based education (daytime)PrerequisiteBasic educationDuration3 years

Who is a junior IT systems specialist and what can they do? A junior IT systems specialist knows how to maintain an organization's IT infrastructure, understands IT system hardware, grasps the basics of computer networking, and can implement network devices. They manage computer networks and network services, hosting environment hardware, and client devices, and are knowledgeable in Windows and Linux/BSD operating systems. They are familiar with scripting tools and can automate management activities such as cloud services and more. They also provide customer support and change management support.

How can one become a junior IT systems specialist? Prerequisite for starting: basic education, with a strong background in science subjects being advantageous.

Form of study: full-time school-based education

Duration of study: 3 years

Volume of company internship: 38 ECTS credits (about 988 astronomical hours)

Upon completion of the program, a level 4 vocational examination for IT systems specialists is taken.

What is learned? During the course of the IT systems specialist program, students gain knowledge about the construction and configuration of computers and networks, operating systems, and the basics of programming. Our school is distinctive in offering ROBOTICS and in-depth knowledge of ENTREPRENEURSHIP, which few vocational schools can provide. In addition to professional knowledge, general education subjects are studied, and vocational secondary education is obtained upon graduation.

What comes next? An IT technician is a valued employee in any company. Their job requires the willingness and ability to work in a team. They can work as consultants, project managers, support staff, computer technicians, system administrators, etc., in a company. The work of an IT technician is continually evolving and promising, offering job opportunities both domestically and abroad.

Indrek Saar